Friday, October 22, 2010

18: That Case of Sameface

Story time! A friend showed me a wonderful little font, Kingsthings Gothique, and when we had a label design project, I HAD to use it. A barn owl came to mind when I was thinking of design elements, so, in a brilliant stab in the dark, I searched for a barn owl beer. Lo and behold! I am such a lucky person sometimes. This is my first completed project in Illustrator.

We have to CRAM for our advertising and graphic design classes, so it's truly surprising when things don't turn out half bad. I drew and inked these by hand and scanned them into photoshop for a quick coloring job. Type was added later, but I left it out for presentation purposes [read: it looked better without]. My roomies and I have affectionately named the pelican piece "Our Oceans are Filled with Tank Tops", as I cannot properly render a plastic bag. B)

And now regarding the title of this post...If you pay attention to my sketches at all, you'll probably notice that I draw the same face [or same-face-BASE] over and over and over again. Peoplefaces have never been my forte, but as an illustrator, I NEED to overcome this crutch. Here's my first real exercise; I copied and attempted to slightly caricaturize some faces in a photography book. They're mildly horrifying right now.

This is just dumb stuff from my anthropology notes. Check out that self portrait on the top right, oooh.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

17: Figure Drawing Post

Black and white charcoal on toned paper, maybe two hours. This model was a ROCK. I don't think she moved for an hour at a time. Also, her hair: smiles for ever

Charcoal on watercolor paper, hour and a half or so. This is such a good medium for observational studies!

The following are various gestures, usually under ten, if not fifteen minutes. Pirasteh teaches us many different approaches to drawing, which I'm enjoying quite a lot. I feel like I'm improving...I just need to quit halfassing the feet, hah.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

16: Escapism Nonsense [Not doing enough homework]

This post is filled with escapism and markers.

I think I was in Disney-mode. Definitely hacked some of my roomie's markers to finish this. Marker, ballpoint pen, and colored pencil.
Here's some scribbles of Llok, the mother goddess of my Insuti people. I quite liked them, so I finalized a few in the uppermost image. She was an alien-looking humanoid before, but I'm kind of liking this...bird/fin thing. Could always go the ~*shapeshifter*~ route...

This is a completely nonsensical, feel-good picture. The guy's name is Poldi, and for some reason he's in contemporary Earth instead of my alternate universe 20's-ish world. Ha...More marker/colored pencil stuff.

OWLS. That is all.

An in-class assignment for advertising and graphic design; we had to design a Target gift card. This would've looked better if I wouldn't have had to repaint it three times due to RIF file corruptions. -frothing at the mouth- This was done in Corel Painter.

Friday, October 8, 2010

15: Birds and Sketches Everywhere

Holy mother of god OWLS. Their faces are full of fantastic design elements; I have a fun personal project coming up involving various species and shapes. Above is a page from my sketchbook completed yesterday. These owlmen are a bit creepy looking...trying to work that out. The strangely stylized central one is definitely not a homage to Erika Signini...

These are some very quickly drawn preliminaries for my lammergeier painting a few weeks back. I really do like the kori bustard guy; might have to do something more with him someday.

HEY LOOK, I committed one of my biggest pet peeves; drawing the figure at a 3/4 angle and the wings in profile. Silly me. The point of this angel was to develop a wing design which has been flopping around in my brain for a while.

This, dear viewer, is the horrific land of my anthropology class notes, all 'shooped together in one foul mess. You'll quickly note that I draw the same thing over and over again: "EVERYONE LOOK TO THE SIDE AND MAKE A WEIRD FACE."