Friday, October 22, 2010

18: That Case of Sameface

Story time! A friend showed me a wonderful little font, Kingsthings Gothique, and when we had a label design project, I HAD to use it. A barn owl came to mind when I was thinking of design elements, so, in a brilliant stab in the dark, I searched for a barn owl beer. Lo and behold! I am such a lucky person sometimes. This is my first completed project in Illustrator.

We have to CRAM for our advertising and graphic design classes, so it's truly surprising when things don't turn out half bad. I drew and inked these by hand and scanned them into photoshop for a quick coloring job. Type was added later, but I left it out for presentation purposes [read: it looked better without]. My roomies and I have affectionately named the pelican piece "Our Oceans are Filled with Tank Tops", as I cannot properly render a plastic bag. B)

And now regarding the title of this post...If you pay attention to my sketches at all, you'll probably notice that I draw the same face [or same-face-BASE] over and over and over again. Peoplefaces have never been my forte, but as an illustrator, I NEED to overcome this crutch. Here's my first real exercise; I copied and attempted to slightly caricaturize some faces in a photography book. They're mildly horrifying right now.

This is just dumb stuff from my anthropology notes. Check out that self portrait on the top right, oooh.

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  1. I love that beer label so damn much! It's so sleek and lovely, I especially like the relationship between the letters and the feathers.