Friday, April 29, 2011

33: Erf...

Had a rough week- one of my flash drives died on me and I lost quite a bit of work. Nothing I can't recover from, but it was a huge blow to morale nonetheless! Have some extremely quick gestures from my commercial figure drawing class...we're basically wandering around the city for three hours creeping on people. Not a terrible assignment. ;]

First three were drawn from the second level of a city market, and the last image is from a city park where people happened to be having break dancing sessions.

Friday, April 15, 2011

32: Super Rag-tag Post

Two WIPs/color mocks for my final project in McKissick's Electronic Illustration class. In short, I'm illustrating a few images of Leshy, a mischievous Slavic woodland spirit...the finals and preliminaries will get their own blog post in due time. :]

A few experiments with ink application from figure drawing.

A commission and media experiment- who could pass up the chance to draw a flamingo in a fedora? India ink, colored pencil, and watercolor.

Iconography for my Design for Illustration class with Walter King, created in Illustrator.

Some bus-scribbles related to re-reading Pullman's 'His Dark Materials'. These are Mulefa, creatures with a diamond-shaped limb structure. The wheels/seedpods they use for transportation are pictured incorrectly here- they're supposed to be more like this. Ah well, at least I got the body structure mostly figured out.

In closing, a cute little 'yote for you!