Wednesday, April 21, 2010

3: Graphite Fun

Some studies from my life drawing sessions and a homework assignment from the same class. I'm not sure of Blogger's policy on nudity, so I kept the posted studies rather tasteful.

The self portrait homework assignment. The requirement was to be wearing a hat which I have absolutely no problem with! 10x12" on drawing paper.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

2: Sch-sch-schoolin'

School is going crazy! My first true all-nighter happened and there's quite a big history test to study for tomorrow. Some friends from Missouri are coming by to visit early in May and I am ever so stoked! You start to miss those Midwesterners like crazy (I guess Ohio is still technically Midwestern, but I digress). Here's some doodles and school things:

Part one of eight in a series for my color concept class. This piece was completed a few weeks ago, but I figured I'd throw it up here with the next two installments. Our pieces must focus on one theme or story and show an evolution of both the theme/story and visual style. My 'story' is the plight of a white-throated sparrow, who cannot find another member of his own species no matter how far he searches. The aim of this first piece was to be as objective as possible with the value and rendering. Media is graphite, colored pencil, gel pen, and inkwash on smooth bristol.

Part two in my sparrow series for color concept class. This time the aim was to use unnatural colors and a non-objective blending style. I had fun with the media in this one: graphite, gesso, oils, fixative, and colored pencil on illustration board. Quite a wacky texture result.

Part three, in which we had to use a high-key value pattern. I adjusted it a bit when I scanned it, probably destroying the intended value in the first place! Media was watercolor and colored pencil on illustration board.

This bastard kept me up til five a.m. this morning. It's a vignette-style design for my 2-D design class with focus on background color and overall movement. It features the four tarot suits (swords, wands, coins, and cups) along with the first card of the major Arcana, The Fool and his dog. My instructor quite liked it, but I'm dying to go back in and fix his head; the face's proportions are direly inaccurate. Check out that EAR! This was created digitally with Photoshop 7.
A page from my sketchbook which only exists because I wanted to kill off my blue Prismacolor marker.

My friend Amanda was nice enough to sit in the lobby of Schottenstein and let me test my digital skills on her! This, while still sporting a weird nose and shoddy initial sketch, shows a lot of improvement over my first try, I think!

Friday, April 2, 2010

1: An Introduction

All of the cool kids have art blogs, so I'd better start one up as well. Contemporaneously, I attend the Columbus College of Art and Design as a second semester freshman and I have declared an illustration major. I feel that my strength lies in traditional media, and my main focus right now is on value study. A shitload of my old art (and some rather unprofessional doodlings) can be found on my Deviantart account. I keep a Livejournal as well where I post about daily life though many doodles are uploaded there as well. The following is some personal art-blather from the past few weeks, some of it more serious than the rest.
Some silly thing I cooked up during downtime in one of my classes.

Corel Painter work in progress. These creatures, Runners, will probably pop up quite often in my posts. I suppose I'll make a full-on blab post about them in the future, but for now I'll just say that they're incredibly skittish antelope-people. This wip features a female with three children in a 'safe area' near an old church (the church isn't actually there yet, but I digress...). The gods in their world are semi-physical beings, and even vague remnants of the Serene Goddess Llok can soothe the Runners. Otherwise they are ruled by the Chaos God Nopu.

Took a stab at non-observational graphite. Angels are one of my favorite subjects.

Here's to hoping I actually keep this thing up to date! Now, to figure out the rest of the site...