Monday, December 13, 2010

24: Weekend-stealers

Pfff. THIS THING. It stole away my weekend and didn't give it back until three in the morning on Monday.

I dearly wish I'd had more time to spend with this in order to make it more anatomically and biologically correct. Guess I'll have to revisit it someday to rid all of these animals of their noodly legs. This was for my advertising/graphic design class, in which we were to redesign an existing exucational or instructional poster. Text was omitted to focus on the illustration. Here's a few detail shots of the nicer looking bits:

Dimetrodon, Ivantosaurus, and Cynognathus

Coelphysis and Diplodocus

Baryonyx and Pteranodon

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

23: Christmas Corgs

IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS, so have some celebratory corgis. I'm throwing these together into little cards which will be sent to family and friends.

But not these friends. Their present is living with me. My presence. (These are my roommates, plus me on the far right)

And here's a few more things from the illustration methods sketchbook:

"Be excellent to each other."

Thursday, December 2, 2010

22: Black and what

I've felt pretty stressed recently; school's finally getting to me, I guess. Hopefully my next post will have a little color...and perhaps an abundance of obnoxiously cute cartoon dogs. Evidently, I hate myself, because I want to doodle custom watercolor Christmas cards for most of my family. :[ In the meantime, here's a few assignments from my Illustration Methods sketchbook...

A ballpoint pen cloth study and Rita's face in charcoal.

Some hands of mine. I'm proud of the one on the left!

"Weird Raider 1", an assignment for my Design for Illustration class. The objective was to move value through the composition. This composition is made up of things I found around my room, which accounts for the nonsensical...nonsense. Gaaad I cannot talk I am GOING BACK TO BED. But first, a detail shot to show off my hatching! Media: Acrylic and colored pencil, 11x17 inches, watercolor board