Friday, October 8, 2010

15: Birds and Sketches Everywhere

Holy mother of god OWLS. Their faces are full of fantastic design elements; I have a fun personal project coming up involving various species and shapes. Above is a page from my sketchbook completed yesterday. These owlmen are a bit creepy looking...trying to work that out. The strangely stylized central one is definitely not a homage to Erika Signini...

These are some very quickly drawn preliminaries for my lammergeier painting a few weeks back. I really do like the kori bustard guy; might have to do something more with him someday.

HEY LOOK, I committed one of my biggest pet peeves; drawing the figure at a 3/4 angle and the wings in profile. Silly me. The point of this angel was to develop a wing design which has been flopping around in my brain for a while.

This, dear viewer, is the horrific land of my anthropology class notes, all 'shooped together in one foul mess. You'll quickly note that I draw the same thing over and over again: "EVERYONE LOOK TO THE SIDE AND MAKE A WEIRD FACE."

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  1. I really like how graphic and symmetrical that standing middlish owl is. It's got kind of an art deco look to him. Kind of.