Wednesday, September 26, 2012

51: Morality of Global Warming

Hey all!  I've been busy back at school for my senior year and it's been exceptionally fun so far.  I've put together a more professional Tumblr blog for my school projects, as opposed to my longer-running sketch Tumblr.  Both of those are updated far more often than this old clunker, but I'm keeping it running!

Anyway, I've completed my first project of senior year- a magazine cover and article illustration for The New Yorker.   The article in particular is one you need to pay to see, but in short it detailed the immense moral choices which will come with our warming globe, from geo-engineering to the simple choice of who we would save first if worst came to worst.   From this I drew upon the 'angel and demon on your shoulders' cliche for a rather literal interpretation.
Final sketch!

Color Comps

The FINAL, sans New Yorker type because I couldn't find a satisfactory font which replicated their date and price sections.  I mainly used liquid watercolor on this...before realizing how muddied the colors had gotten due to the age of the pigments.  Gouache truly came to the rescue for color correction, and I'm quite a bit more confident using it to supplement my other media now.

Later this week I'll spam this place with some of my character design class-work.  :]