Tuesday, September 21, 2010

14: Schoolin' Once More

My second finished project for Illustration methods class, "Lammerguyer", 9x12 in acrylics on illustration board. The assignment was to create a human-animal hybrid (hehe) and use good lighting reference to make it look realistic. I based mine on a lammergeier, or bearded vulture. There are things I did decently and things I did flat out incorrectly in this piece, but I consider it my first successful acrylic painting! Here's the graphite value study I did beforehand.

The school gave us these cute little planners with toned paper covers. More of my dragonbeastie!

My figure drawing instructor had us use charcoal on watercolor paper for an hour-long exercise. Definitely going to try this more often...In real life, you can see the awful smudgy grays created when badly using white and black charcoal together, and I plan to be more attentive next time.

Friday, September 10, 2010

13: Initiate Sophomore Panic

THIS year is going to be a crazy one. Quick, have some art while you still can! Of course, now that I'm fully busy again, the idea to start a webcomic has bitten me in the ass. Why couldn't this have happened, y'know, during the summer? Experimental, fun junk as such is what summers are FOR. Various diptych ideas are twirling around in there as well. So hard to stay focused!

On an unrelated note, I made a post over on my Livejournal highlighting a bunch of nice art I've found over the past few months, with links to the artists' galleries and whatnot: Good Arts 1

The proposed webcomic would be about this little guy. He's one of my fictional race, the Insuti. I suppose I'll tell the rest of the story later! Nibs and india ink.

We have a sketchbook to fill for illustration methods class! I drew my lamp to fill the 'ellipses' quota. Brush pen, gel pen, ballpoint pen. Pen pen pen.

Junk like this takes up probably 85% of my sketchbook.

My latest illustration methods class assignment is to create a portrait of a human/animal combination. Couldn't focus in one of my ad graph classes today, so these are my first concepts: Three kookaburras, a markhor, a babirusa, and three lammergeier men. I had far too much fun with the birds, so they're likely to make it to the final cut.

A thumbnail on packing paper [classy!] for a trade with one of my good e-buddies, Persnickitii. Doesn't this character design rock? Her art is very inspiring on that front, and we have a mutual love for animals with people-faces. I think I'll attempt this piece in acrylics or maybe even slap down various media on clayboard to see what happens.
Quick digital thing which I ended up liking quite a bit. This is an old character of mine, Sherowkey. He first popped up in my seventh grade science notes. You can tell he's mine because of the big doofy nose, huge fuzzy ears, and horn [no seriously, all of my personal characters have these things in one form or another]. In a more serious situation, he's a guardian 'spirit' of winter, though he's completely flesh and blood. Still haven't figured out how that works...Corel painter