Saturday, October 9, 2010

16: Escapism Nonsense [Not doing enough homework]

This post is filled with escapism and markers.

I think I was in Disney-mode. Definitely hacked some of my roomie's markers to finish this. Marker, ballpoint pen, and colored pencil.
Here's some scribbles of Llok, the mother goddess of my Insuti people. I quite liked them, so I finalized a few in the uppermost image. She was an alien-looking humanoid before, but I'm kind of liking this...bird/fin thing. Could always go the ~*shapeshifter*~ route...

This is a completely nonsensical, feel-good picture. The guy's name is Poldi, and for some reason he's in contemporary Earth instead of my alternate universe 20's-ish world. Ha...More marker/colored pencil stuff.

OWLS. That is all.

An in-class assignment for advertising and graphic design; we had to design a Target gift card. This would've looked better if I wouldn't have had to repaint it three times due to RIF file corruptions. -frothing at the mouth- This was done in Corel Painter.

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