Sunday, August 29, 2010

12: Before School Starts...

This came out of nowhere and it's pretty close to my heart, as cheesy as that sounds. Completed in maybe 2.5/3 hours in Corel Painter.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

11: Pre-Sophomore, la de da

Quickly colored half-angel man.

This is what goes on in my sketchbook.

Digital still life attempt...something or other. Corel Painter.

The two siblings of my personal mythology. I'm thinking of expanding their family tree a little in the near future. Nothing but a vignette today, but I like how this turned out, being a small doodle and all.

Fanart: Good for the soul. These were also gifts to my little sister, who watched the first two seasons of Avatar with me.

A friend suggested I draw a cockatrice/basilisk during a live streaming session, and it turned out decently! Hopped like mad between photoshop and painter for this guy.

Another portrait of Nopu standin'...trying to get a handle on this inking/watercoloring style so I can use it for quick commissions to pay for internet accessimeanfood.

On a more serious note...I need to re-learn how to draw people, as I've come to realize that I dislike how it 'feels' to draw them (when I'm not drawing my angel things and insuti people). Just recently picked up a few comic compliations and instruction books by Will Eisner, and I'm working on basic stuff, like gesture, at which Eisner rocked socks.