Saturday, July 17, 2010

9: Playing Around

I've had more time to experiment with little things lately.

Firstly, a few more icon commissions from Internet-land.

My dog slept for a few minutes!

I hope to do more with designs like this in the future; these were far too fun! India ink and nib linework, colored in Corel Painter.

Go right ahead and ignore those hands and arms, I won't blame ya. This was drawn in Paint Tool SAI, which is an interesting program that seems like a Painter/Photoshop baby. I'll probably stick to both of the other programs, but it's always refreshing to try something like this. Pictured is an Insuti (a human-like race of mine) hoisting a flag. My superior illustration skills give all sorts of reasons why. :]

A tiny experiment which turned out quite nicely for having no direction. I'll have to try this type of thing again...the look is very inspired by old illustrators such as Artuš Scheiner and Edmund Dulac.

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