Friday, July 2, 2010

8: Scribbly Backlog

Why the hell NOT post this today? This is non-Artslam stuff I've completed in the past month or so.

I was drawing a guy's coat and he moved. The usual thing happened to people who move: He became a giraffe.

I'm exceedingly fond of this lined paper guy I sketched right before going to bed one day. Perhaps I'll paint him soon.

A half-angel, half-man concept. I think he glows and stalks around rolling hills at night, staring at intruders unblinking until they lose their minds.

Last month's ACEO trade. I used mostly india ink and watercolor here, and no white gel pen. Gotta stop relying on those so much! But oh man, I need some masking fluid.

Some icons for people.

I was livestreaming and my audience suggested a giant anteater. Who could refuse? Here's a WIP, as I had to quit streaming mid-way. I tried a new coloring process...might try it again sometime. Corel Painter 10

Had the good fortune to visit the Animal Kingdom in Florida during a family vacation. I honest-to-God wish that the place was a full-out ZOO, but then no one would go and they'd close due to lack of funding. Pity, because it's a fantastic place for the animals and has a great climate for the more tropical species. It was hot and I was sweating everywhere/dropping my pen constantly, so this is all you're gonna get. xD That hippo was darling!

All righty. Gotta go to work and then a friend and I are going to the Nelson Atkin Museum of Art! Hot diggity for free admission. 8]

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