Sunday, August 19, 2012

48: Noodling from the Summer

...Oops, I appear to have fallen off of the blog-o-sphere.  Apologies, followers!  I have a slew of posts queued for the next couple days; this one focuses on sketchbook fun.

Aardvarks are made of endlessly fun shapes to play with.

 Fiddling with gargoyles yet again- I quite like the face on the bottom-right, and I hope to do more with that character.

 Turtle hands.  Not much to say here!

Most of my summer seems to have been spent waiting for appointments, and these guys were a direct result of one of those waits.

More of my little alien guys who never seem to have a finished piece to their names...someday!

Silly dinosaur scribbles from the sketchbook- brush pens are excellent.

Three watercolors drawn from life at the Shoal Creek Living History Museum-  these were all created before Missouri was blessed with almost a month and a half of 100+ degree weather.  I can't wait to do more studies in this vein!

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  1. Yay more updates! I love the last water color, the alien guys, and the dinosaur with the clipboad