Friday, August 24, 2012

49: Digital Trio

Toward the earliest part of the summer I experienced a sort of digital awakening- suddenly everything made sense, and being able to paint over any and every stroke became such a corner-cutter and such a pleasure.  All three of these are commissions and gifts for various friends of mine, featuring their personal characters.

 A long-time commissioner let me go nuts with her pine marten character, to great success, I think.  This was an exercise in limiting my palette and pushing depth-of-field.

Friend and fellow fantabulous artist Remjie had me illustrate her daemon characters enjoying the cold.  I restricted my use of warm colors here- an exercise a long time coming, haha.

And lastly, moving away from the painterly style, here's a quick doodle for a very good friend and one of my biggest inspirations, Tardigrad.  Sphynxes and fruit, such a bright combination!

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