Monday, June 4, 2012

47: Junior Year Wrap-up

...I can't believe I just typed that title, but it's true.  It was certainly a more enjoyable year compared to sophomore, with a bunch more classes which actually interested me; I allowed myself to really experiment with media and get a feel for materials for the first time in months, and it felt good despite losing my ability to concentrate and see through the fog of life for a few weeks.  In any case, you all are long overdue for this post!

Here are my three most recent projects- all three were huge media experiments combining watercolor, dye-based ink, marker, gouache, and colored pencil (often multiple layers of each) on watercolor board and hot-press watercolor paper.

 Second of three children's book illustrations.  I didn't plan on giving this one a proper background at first, hence why everything is on one plane in front, but I'm pleasantly surprised with how it turned out.

And the third finished illustration for my children's book class- this one was a battle of colors.  I thought it might be fun to try a bright pink underpainting and proceeded to do so...without realizing that it's hard to cover up fluorescent pink with gray and yellow interior light.  The result is...interesting.  Really, I'm more frustrated with bad planning on the window, which I've come to call the chalkboard because that's what it looks like.  Ah well, learning learning always.

My final project of the year, filled with plenty of follies but loads of fun.  Truly, I forgot how much I love putting my own spin on dinosaurs- even in this piece, which was supposed to be a scientific museum mural concept, I couldn't quite pull away from personification and a bit of cartooning.  This one took quite a bit more gouache than the two pieces above, due to repainting the color scheme almost three times: a horrible planning mistake that I won't make again!

You can see how I botched the color/light scheme early on- see how the left side of Cryoloph is clearly lit just like the right side of the Brachiosaurus.  When I realized I'd have to completely redo the color scheme I wanted to cry because I loved how this guy looked with his blue scales, but this early photo will have to suffice...

My next post will be filled with more doodly things!  Thanks for looking.

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