Monday, April 23, 2012

46: Odds and Ends

Here's a few things to make up for my absence from Blogger this semester. In a week or so I should have a more proper junior year wrap-up with all manner of giant pieces of paper. You know, assignments and things.
I've been fiddling with my watercolor and colored pencil technique a bit more, and I've found that my preferred surface is hotpress watercolor paper.  Now I'm simply testing brands.  :]

A sketchbook doodle that turned out quite nicely!  I doubt I'll ever get rid of turtle-drawing-disease...

An experiment with masking fluid and india ink.  "I'm glad that worked." - my art motto.

And some aardvarks because they are obviously the best animal.


  1. I've found I like hotpress watercolor paper most as well. It's easier to lay down washes and blend pencil on it compared to the rougher hot press stuff.

  2. Yes, yes, my thoughts exactly! I'm too fiddly with my details to really enjoy coldpress watercolor paper, despite how beautiful the texture is.