Sunday, June 12, 2011

35: Summer Blues

Over a month since my last update? I'm ashamed of myself! art has been sadly lacking lately, and it's been amazingly frustrating. Here are some recent scribblings in any case.

Silly requests from my tween-aged sister and her friend. Bling giraffes. :|

Marker experiement with one of my Insuti guys.

The One Who Cannot Concentrate on Baseball Games. In all seriousness, I'm loving the various stances of the pitchers.

Something from this year's Artslam which I quite like. Artslam is a Livejournal-centric drawing challenge focusing on world and idea building, and I partake every year. Here's last year's blog post on my Artslam work! This year, I'm out of my comfort zone as I'm not focusing on my Insuti world OR animal people, and it SHOWS with some of the drivel I've drawn thus far. Hopefully I'll uh...loosen up.

I will draw Pokemon until the day I die.

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