Wednesday, May 4, 2011

34: A Few Finalized Things

Watercolor assignment for Kovach's illustration methods class! Had a very interesting time with this, and it spawned a want to experiment more; always a fun feeling. This was my first time using my new Utrecht watercolor set, and I couldn't be happier with them!

A silly bunch of product design ideas. You might not believe it, but coming up with a name for the set was the most difficult part.

A few tiny, quick black and white illustrations for my three-part Leshy project, drawn with the scratchboard tool in Painter.

The two larger finals in my Leshy project- a simple character vignette in the first, and a more story oriented second piece in which he transfigures a path to befuddle a travelling woman. Both of these were completed in Photoshop, and it was my first time going for a cell-shaed papercut feel. The first piece is the one I lost the full resolution for. :c At least I've got the second!

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  1. Gorgeous watercolour work :) And I love product design and branding, that surpasses most people's work on our course and they've been doing it for 3 years!!