Friday, April 15, 2011

32: Super Rag-tag Post

Two WIPs/color mocks for my final project in McKissick's Electronic Illustration class. In short, I'm illustrating a few images of Leshy, a mischievous Slavic woodland spirit...the finals and preliminaries will get their own blog post in due time. :]

A few experiments with ink application from figure drawing.

A commission and media experiment- who could pass up the chance to draw a flamingo in a fedora? India ink, colored pencil, and watercolor.

Iconography for my Design for Illustration class with Walter King, created in Illustrator.

Some bus-scribbles related to re-reading Pullman's 'His Dark Materials'. These are Mulefa, creatures with a diamond-shaped limb structure. The wheels/seedpods they use for transportation are pictured incorrectly here- they're supposed to be more like this. Ah well, at least I got the body structure mostly figured out.

In closing, a cute little 'yote for you!


  1. COOL THINGS. I approve of all and esp the Leshy stuff :3

  2. I always thought Mulefa's seedpods were like you drew them too...

  3. Megan, quite a few other people thought so too, but someone who drew the flat pods got confirmation from Pullman himself that they're shaped that way. Cannot argue with God! xD

    And thanks, Katiecave buddy!

  4. Oh my, y'know I adore all of these. Leshy and that lovely maze is one of my favorites. Such life!

    Teehee! Adding ink to figure-drawings is great. I've always liked that it gives the drawings a different depth... soft but defined.

    A coyote! Oh my, does he/she have a dinosaur bone? Yay for coyotes!