Wednesday, February 2, 2011

27: The Grayscale Concept Post

Quickie concept for a Freddie Mercury portrait. And then I realized it had to be 7x10". Time for some revamps!

Quick-and-dirty mockup for my first woodcut. The process is proving frustrating as hell, but I need to remember that it's my first attempt. Pictured is a man about to make a bargain with an angry sea, a homage to the Decemberists song "Annan Water".

Acrylic painting on acetate for a positive photo-plate lithograph. The plate itself turned out rather well; I hope to have some printed by the next time I post.

Scribblings from the past few weeks.

We got to play with Painter's acrylic tools in electronic illustration class. The texture and form of the face could use work, but I feel that the colors I chose show a bit of progress. :] About two hours.

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