Wednesday, January 12, 2011

26: Products of Break

Howdy from the last few days of break! Only in the past week have I seemed to regain any artistic mojo, and just in time for the new semester. My goals for break were to work on human faces and scenery. I only worked on one of those. Can you guess which? :|

Poldi the vagrant, one of my guys. I looked at far too many animation concept art books over break and got all inspired to do some character sketches.
Finished up that Lapras from a while back. Pretty fond of how this turned out. Oughta' try this technique with some fully composed scenes.

A tree kangaroo for a friend's conservation website. Painter 11's pencil tools are just GODLY.

Didn't work on my Swidden story as much as I would've liked to over break...but there's this, at least! In short, Swidden is an angel who is given creative freedom to conjure anything into for other angels. In frustration, he creates humans and birds, two parts of a whole, and his father is quite angered by this. All of the busts above are ideas for Swidden himself as both an angelic and human being.

Face scribbles from the sketchbook.

Drawing video game fanart to get better at faces. Stay classy, Katie.
And lastly some silly sharpie scribbles of my Runner people.


  1. Thanks so much, Jeff! I hope I can see you, Will, and Mary soon. :]